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The Mortgage List is your go-to destination for finding reliable and efficient mortgage services within the industry.

Whether you need a CRM platform, compliance assistance, or training for your team, we make it easy for you to search and connect with companies that offer the services you require.

About The Mortgage List

Due to high demand from mortgage professionals and companies nationwide, The Mortgage List was established to provide a convenient, all-in-one place for finding mortgage vendors and service providers as well as mortgage rate calculator. There is no cost associated with searching for companies or being listed as a service provider on The Mortgage List, but premium options are available for companies to enhance their visibility through additional listing categories and features.

The Mortgage List is your go-to, one-stop location for finding vendors and service providers for the mortgage industry. With a comprehensive database of providers and a user-friendly guide to each vendor's specialization within the mortgage cycle, The Mortgage List is your ultimate resource for all things mortgage-related.

At The Mortgage List, we welcome you to your home for all mortgage-related resources.! 

Mortgage Calculator

Use of free mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly mortgage payment.







Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

Why Join The Mortgage List


The Mortgage List offers exclusive networking opportunities with professionals and organizations in the mortgage industry who are searching for your services.


We put your business in front of thousands of mortgage professionals using our extensive online network, blog, newsletter, training and The Mortgage List Guides and Resources.


Business listing members can choose our free listing or upgrade to one of our premium listings to reach an even larger audience and gain access to online marketing tools, The Mortgage List pages, blogs and events.


Share your expertise with a community of mortgage professionals who are searching for business solutions. Business listing members are given discounts to special opportunities to promote and share their business.

The Mortgage List Plans


$ 0 /Forever
  • ✔ One Category Listing
  • ✔ Company Name
  • No Company Logo
  • No Company Web Address
  • No Company Description
  • No Phone Number
  • No Contact Form
  • No Featured Listing
  • No Videos
  • No Mortgage List Certified
  • No Business Offers
  • No Social Networks
  • No Attachments


$ 699 /Year
  • ✔ Three Category Listing
  • ✔ Company Name
  • ✔ Company Logo
  • ✔ Company Web Address
  • ✔ Company Description
  • ✔ Company Phone Number
  • No Company Contact Form
  • No Featured Listing
  • No Videos
  • No Social Networks


$ 1199 /Year
  • ✔ Five Category Listing
  • ✔ Company Name
  • ✔ Company Logo
  • ✔ Company Web Address
  • ✔ Company Description
  • ✔ Company Phone Number
  • ✔ Company Contact Form
  • ✔ Featured Business Listing
  • ✔ Company Videos
  • ✔ Mortgage List Certified
  • ✔ Business Offers
  • ✔ Social Networks
  • ✔ Attachments


Every day, mortgage professionals are searching for solutions to their problems. Ginger Bell, the Founder of The Mortgage List knows this all too well. As an educator in the mortgage industry for the past 19 years, she receives on average, approximately 30 requests per week from people searching for some type of service. Last year, Ginger decided it was time to create a site where mortgage professionals could go to not only search for mortgage service providers, but have one location to connect and get information, resources, training and support. The development of The Mortgage List has and continues to be a collabrative effort of several professionals committed to making a difference in our industry. We thank you for all who have and continue to support The Mortgage List with valuable content, training and resources!

Our Mission

The Mortgage List is the resource for mortgage professionals to easily search, locate and connect with the services they need. Oh yeah, and do it in a fun engaging way.

Our Essence

At our core, The Mortgage List, operates on providing resources, education, tools and support to continue the growth of the industry we serve.

Our Promise

To make it easy for you to connect with reputable service providers and vendors who will help build your business.

Our Vibe

Make it, fun, engaging and impactful! Seriously, we are not about dry and boring information. We are about giving you what you need and doing it in a way that will help you quickly find what you’re looking for, have it be useful and make your life easier. Plain and simple. If we can do that and also share some valuable information to help you with your business, then we consider it a great day!

Let us know if we’ve helped you have a great day! Shoot us an email and tell us how we’ve helped. We’d love to hear from you!

Code of Conduct

All registered vendors and searchers are agreeing to abide by our simple code of conduct and standards: Do the right thing.

We don’t have a complicated set of rules and agreements, but we do ask that all participants simply treat one another in the way they want to be treated, as a valued partner in the industry.

Thanks for joining!


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