IMN's 5th Annual ABS Tech Conference

Wed Nov 20, 2019
IMN is excited to host the 5th Annual ABS Tech Conference, November 20 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York City. The 2019 edition will cover innovation in securitization, both from a transactional data transparency perspective as well as institutional investor viewpoint.

The structured finance sector is not immune from the rampant spread of technology, and innovations in the FinTech space that are occurring at an ever-accelerating rate. Busy securitization professionals lack the time, and the resources, to fully digest the plethora of developments, and how they will directly affect their day-to-day jobs in the online lending world. As a solution to this growing knowledge gap, we are proud to expand the Online Lending world to include a one-day dedicated ABS Tech track in order to facilitate these worlds merging. This one-day gathering will consist of a series of panel presentations and interactive breakout discussions featuring firms that are already intersecting with the structured finance sector to evoke meaningful process change. This is the place for ABS professionals to find out where in the asset management world ABS Tech will race to surface.

The evolution of the securitization model from a brick and mortar bank to online lending highlights the disruption and power of technology in the securitization world. A must-attend event, the conference will help deliver these innovations to the market and provide a platform where the impact and timeline can be discussed.


Date 11-20-2019