Fife, WA - 2019 9 Hour Live CE

Thursday Sep 19, 2019

7-Hour SAFE Core American Lender Live

  • This year The Knowledge Coop will walk you through an overview of NMLS-approved topics, but of course, we take a fresh and investigative approach to the information. As lending guidelines slacken, Non-Prime lending picks up, and uncertainty of industry futures increase we will challenge you to know the regulations, think ethically through the day to day, and build a trustworthy business that you can be proud of.

1-Hour SAFE Elective CE 2019 Live - Interview with a Hacker

    • For this elective, The Knowledge Coop brings you an interview like one that we’re positive you’ve never seen before.  Ken sits down and talks to a rather notorious hacker Eric Taylor (Cosmothegod) about how he started in hacking, what lead to his arrest, what the industry can do to protect themselves, and what happens next. In this class we will cover how this all applies to Red Flags Rules, the Bank Secrecy Act and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act.
  • 1-Hour WA SAFE: 2019 Updates

    • This year's fresh class from the Knowledge Coop covers the regulatory and enforcement environment in Washington, the problem with over-zealous disclosure packets, how NMLS advertising requirements are applied in your state, and best practices for protecting yourself and your license. We'll also cover material false statements, fraud and responsibility, UDAAP, and location requirements. Finally, we'll take a look at case studies from your state and how to apply the lessons to your own business. 


Date 09-19-2019

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