Benchmarking & Performance Ratios Mortgage Bankers Must Know

Wednesday Jun 03, 2020

This webinar is part of MBA Education's Garrett, McAuley & Co. Mortgage Banking Management Webinar Series.

We've combined and updated two of our most popular webinars to help you start using benchmarking and important performance ratios to improve your mortgage banking company or bank mortgage division. We'll also explain how using benchmarking and knowing your key performance ratios will help you to increase revenues, control costs, and better manage risk.

If your company is an average or weak performer (or if you don't know this), this webinar will help you figure out why you're not more profitable or why you are losing money. Even if your company is a top performer, this webinar will help you spot the early warning signs of serious trouble ahead. This webinar will not just offer a bunch of ratios, instead we'll provide steps to develop an action plan and how to organize your management team to implement the plan.

The top-performing mortgage bankers measure their performance religiously. While mortgage bankers should be measuring dozens of functions in their businesses, their CEOs, CFOs, and senior managers must-know all of the key ratios for their companies at all times. Garrett, McAuley & Co. has developed a set of key performance ratios that every senior management team should use 


Date 06-03-2020

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