Conversations from the Field with Finance of America’s Account Executives

Tuesday Mar 10, 2020

Finance of America is proud to announce a monthly series with Finance of America’s Account Executives. Each month we will have one of Finance of America’s Account Executives join Ginger Bell to talk about FAM products that clients are loving, how clients are overcoming obstacles and other current trends that our AE’s are seeing in their areas.

Join us for our March Webinar with Tim Verinder, Sr Account Executive.

March Topics will be:

* The advantages to being a Non-Delegated Correspondent
* When to know if it’s the right time for you to become a Non-Delegated Correspondent
* Steps to becoming a Non-Delegated Correspondent

Tim Verinder has been helping Mortgage Brokers transition to Non-Delegated Correspondent’s for the past 15 years. His passion and knowledge are the best in the industry. This will be a powerful discussion if you are considering moving your business to the next level.


Date 03-10-2020

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