Invisible Scale: Turbo Charge Your Growth with Miller’s Law

Tue Aug 04, 2020

Leaders in mortgage today face three tremendous challenges:

  • How to scale in a high growth low interest rate environment while minimizing growing pains.
  • How to manage a remote workforce.
  • How to attract and retain the highest level of talent to your business to create a Rockstar team.

These problem areas lead to inconsistency, growing pains, and major roadblocks on how to take your organization to the next level. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: Discover, build and create your core value driven organization.

The Core Value Equation shows how core values create the ultimate decision-making engine for your organization that consistently produces spectacular results. Core values also create an “invisible manager” that sits next to every employee and holds them accountable to a common set of beliefs, actions, and outcomes, all without hiring a single person. Finally, core values are the best tool out there to recruit and support an army of diehard team members who speak the same language, create consistent results, and make your organization a magnet for like minded individuals.


Date 08-04-2020
Event Time Zone America/Boise

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