NextGen Homebuyer Survey Launch: Trends in Customer Experience & the Homebuying Journey

Thu Oct 08, 2020
The next generation of first-time homebuyers brings a unique set of preferences and challenges as they approach their homebuying journey. Understanding their path from start to finish is imperative in providing a successful and fulfilling customer experience. In conjunction with National MI, Cultural Outreach will be premiering their 2020 NextGen Homebuyer Report, which surveyed 1000 recent and prospective homebuyers on their homebuying experience, decision-making factors, financial education history, and communication preferences. In this webinar, Cultural Outreach will go through the homebuying journey map from planning to closing using data from the report to provide insights and strategy into reaching the NextGen homebuyer. Kristin Messerli is the founder of Cultural Outreach and the digital mortgage platform, Ardley, and she is a national speaker on adapting to cultural shifts in housing and finance. As a former social worker, Kristin applies therapeutic principles to help professionals understand how to communicate and build trust with a generation of skeptical consumers. Kristin has spoken at hundreds of conferences and events, including ones with the Mortgage Bankers Association and Harvard Business School, and she has consulted for over 50 lenders in the US. Kristin is committed to her mission to reduce wealth inequality and democratize access to financial freedom and security. Sarah Vita is passionate about bridging the gap between consumers and professionals. She is an industry expert, leading creative projects around inclusive design and developing strategies to connect with today’s young and diverse consumers through events and content. She has spoken at a variety of conferences, including the HousingWire Engage marketing conference, on topics related to millennial marketing, recruitment and retention, and social media. She also manages market outreach strategies for lenders across the country and was previously the assistant editor for Mortgage Women Magazine.


Date 10-08-2020

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