Red Bell Real Estate, LLC Automated Valuation Estimator

Wed Jan 22, 2020
Learn all about how Red Bell Real Estate, LLC's industry-best Automated Valuation Estimator (AVE) product makes it easy to assess the value of defaulted assets, origination evaluations and refinances. Updated every 15 minutes from the largest MLS coverage, the AVE tool ensures you have the most detailed information to make your valuation decisions. What's more, the AVE also includes complete transaction history for each property; and a full suite of interior and exterior photos for each listing and comparable.  Each order is good for 60 days, so you can have confidence in the value of the home over the life of the transaction.  

Red Bell Real Estate, LLC's AVE has broad applications for a variety of users, including Default Servicing, Underwriters, QC, and Home Equity teams.  Be sure to join our webinar or contact your Radian account manager to learn how to elevate your business to the next level of success.


Date 01-22-2020

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