Two-X Flex - Bank Statement Loan Program

Tuesday Jun 11, 2019
Finance of America is proud to announce the Two-X Flex, Bank Statement Loan Program for Self-Employed Borrowers as the newest addition to our programs available to our wholesale clients. 

Join us to find out how this no tax return loan program can provide a great option for your self-employed borrowers. Finally an option to qualify based on bank statement deposits.

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the aspects of the FAM Two-X Flex - Bank Statement Loan Program.

You'll Learn:

· What is Two-X Flex
· How Two-X Flex Can Help Your Borrowers
· Credit Classes
· Income - Documentation and Calculation Worksheet
· Program Overview

If you have self-employed borrowers, you don't want to miss this informative webinar!


Date 06-11-2019
End Date 06-11-2019

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