Your 20-Minute Blueprint for Price Optimization

Wed Sep 09, 2020

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Just a year ago, the lending market was looking pretty upbeat. There was plenty of business and everyone was doing well. It's been a gradual decline since then, and now current crisis has really put the brakes on, with the 30-year fixed mortgage rate decreasing last week to one of the lowest levels seen in decades. And as your realtor colleagues confirm, both buyers and sellers are very nervous.

In this fast-changing and highly competitive environment, smart pricing of the "right" opportunities is the key to profitability. That means legacy pricing models and printed rate sheets are a thing of the past. Instead, highly dynamic and well-informed pricing, driven by real-time data, is the only way to stay at the top of the pile. How can you get started and how fast can you be operational?

In this webinar Joe Zeibert, Nomis's Director of Global Lending, will provide a blueprint for implementing market-optimized pricing. He will discuss how to identify opportunities that align with your business strategy and product mix, when to optimize, and when to back away. To make it real, he will illustrate this with examples of current data so you can see first-hand how to think through optimizing your portfolios this week.


Date 09-09-2020

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