Cold Email Best Practices: Get Prospects to Respond

Thursday Oct 17, 2019
Cold emails should be every salesperson’s strategy to jumpstart a conversation and avoid the pain of cold calling. But your cold emails must break savvy prospects’ email delete barrier to get a reply. Join prospect attraction expert, email authority and author Kendra Lee and discover 8 cold email best practices proven to get prospects to respond and schedule appointments. In this NMI University session, Kendra Lee, author of the award-winning books “The Sales Magnet” and “Selling Against the Goal” will teach you: • Strategies to start cold email conversations • Calls to action that compel prospects to reply • How to demonstrate credibility in less than 50 words • The 9-word email that opens doors • What to do when you’ve gotten no response Kendra’s passion is new business revenue generation: in gaining new clients through sales prospecting and lead generation, in growing existing client accounts, market expansion, competitive differentiation, and value creation. Despite starting her sales career in accounting, failing IBM’s entry level sales exam and being told she couldn’t sell without an engineering background, Kendra Lee entered sales and proved those nay-sayers wrong. She turned her knowledge of numbers into a lead generation approach that propelled her to the top 1% of sales professionals in each IT company she sold for. She founded KLA Group, a sales and marketing agency, to consult, train and “Do it For You” so others could beat the odds and get more customers. All webinar attendees will be entered in a random drawing and are eligible to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Date 10-17-2019

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